Bi Fold

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bi-folding / sliding doors/ aluminium / upvc / timber

Bi-Fold Doors, also known as folding doors, create a statement wherever they're installed, and have become immensely popular in both the commercial and domestic market as they take up far less space than standard doors. All of our doors can be supplied in a variety of styles and can be glazed with toughened or laminated glass, double or triple glazed, depending on individual taste. We also have the exciting option of being able to offer Internal Blinds, which are built into the door - beautifully streamlined, aesthetically pleasing and no need for cleaning.

In a modern home they provide useful solutions to smaller spaces such as laundry rooms, closets or cupboards but avoid the wasted space that you find with French windows. They can be set up internally to partition a large room or externally connect the inside to the outside. As such they're ideal for entertaining guests in the summer and making sunny days even more special as well as optimising natural light in the winter while protecting you from the elements. Draught free and highly insulated, folding doors also ensure that you cut down on heating bills.

Our bi-fold doors can be custom designed to meet your individual specifications and are often used in schools, hotels, restaurants and offices to create partitions and space. They're designed to neatly fold either internally or externally, stacking into a small unused space and turning several smaller rooms into a large function area or conference room. Alternatively they have other uses like beer gardens as well as sheltered but separate smoking areas. We are able to offer a wide range of different rail colours to change the look of your home or match existing designs or features.